Welcome Back?

2012-10-13 00:47:29 by funnyman46

Hey everyone, not sure if anybody remembers me. I used to be an avid user at Newgrounds back in like 2007. After a long hiatus, I make my triumphant return! Except this time, even better I'm contributing to the audio portal. I'm Ronzo, one half of the Dopamine Knights, a rap group out of Ann Arbor. We're part of a group called The Crunk Table collective, and I guess you could say we like to represent real hip-hop. We release tracks every Sunday as part of our Sunday Meds series, leading up to our debut mixtape Catchin Airwaves dropping later this year! Currently, it's Dopamine Weekend, so we're previewing the first single from the album just previously mentioned. Along with that, we're also just giving out everything Dopamine related, all sorts of projects. I hope you guys will like it! I'll be posting it here as well.

funnyman46 is back, where's everyone I used to get down with.


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2012-10-13 01:11:01

Nice song to return to NG with.

I've scouted you to the Audio Portal.
Welcome back

funnyman46 responds:

Thanks man! Glad you like it.


2012-10-13 01:32:17

hey man.. why would you com back to this godforsaken place? :P

funnyman46 responds:

You know, I'm not really sure.